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At Global Retail TV, we are keen to deliver to you the latest Retail news from retailers and companies across the UK. Our retail team in London will work hard to share with you the best practices and the latest retail news. We talk to retail experts and Managers from all UK cities to deliver to you the outstanding information and keep you up to speed.

With our retail show in the UK, we will be broadcasting for you the key stories of major retailers and success heroes from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool and other parts of the country.

With our Retail news in the UK, we keep you updated with the latest retail ecosystem changes and financial situation for the major retailers and groups in the UK.

We are keen to help you learn more about retail management in the UK and how you can use our retail experts best practices to boost your customers experience and your sales.

You should never miss a retail event in the UK. under our retail events section, we will be sharing with you the major retail meeting and exhibitions in the UK as we will be covering for you LIVE the key stories.

The retail Tech section is the place where we will share with you the latest retail technologies in the UK. We will bring to you the major success stories and the Retail technologies in the UK.

We are determined to help the retail employees improve their skills and competencies. Under our retail training section, we share with our audience in the UK the best trainings and development programs along with certified retail coaches and Retail Trainers courses and sessions in the UK.

At Global Retail TV, you can post or view the latest retail jobs in the UK. You will find all retail management positions in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, York and other parts of the country. Our platform includes all retail job positions in the UK.

If you are a retailer in the UK or a retail technology or a service provider in the UK and looking for assistance to promote your products and services, talk to our team in London and we will help you scale your retail business.

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