HANS ANDERS Boosts Stock Management Efficiency with RFID Solution

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Founded in 1982 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Hans Anders is a market-leading, value-for-money optical and audiologist retailer in North-West Europe; it has 400 stores across the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as an online shop. Operating under the Hans Anders Retail Group, together with eyes + more and Direkt Optik, it offers a range of private label and branded spectacles, hearing aids, contact lenses and sunglasses at very reasonable prices. As one of the best-known optical retailers in its core markets, Hans Anders is synonymous with high levels of brand awareness and customer loyalty.


Hans Anders needed to change its approach to inventory. Previously it only ran a stock count once a year, as it was a very time-consuming job with high costs. The inventory had to be run outside of store opening hours and easily took a few employees a whole day, principally because a large part of the Hans Anders frames are not branded. There’s just a product code on the inside of the frame, so each pair of glasses had to be removed from its display to identify them. Following a recommendation, Hans Anders approached an experienced specialist in auto-ID and long-term platinum Zebra partner, CaptureTech.


In close collaboration with Hans Anders, CaptureTech investigated the optimal solution to enable a significant increase in the efficiency of its stock management processes. CaptureTech recommended a Zebra Technologies RFID solution; and all Hans Anders frames now have a passive RFID barcoded label containing digital data such as the model and article number. The price is also included on the frames on display in the store and the chip in the label is also provided with a code, which makes each frame unique. These labels are printed using the reliable Zebra ZT400 series RFID printer 4 inch – 300 dpi.

When running inventories staff firstly register the Zebra RFID TC25 Rugged Smartphone to the specific store where the inventory is being taken, as the TC25s deployed move between stores. Then they scan the labels, with the option of adding comments if needed, and the data is automatically processed into Hans Anders back-office ERP inventory systems in real-time.

The TC25s are remotely managed and updated by CaptureTech via CaptureTech Protect, so store staff can concentrate on serving customers, knowing that their inventory solution will be running optimally.


The Zebra RFID solution delivers real-time, accurate in-store inventory visibility which is enabling Hans Anders to manage its stocks more efficiently and consequently fulfill more orders. Moreover, the solution is increasing staff productivity as shops can be accurately inventoried during opening hours in a matter of minutes. And with fully outsourced system management which ensures optimal uptime and ROI, Hans Anders can concentrate on delivering excellent customer service.

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