Research Shows The 20th of December Is Considered Christmas Shopping Panic Day For Brits

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The 20th of December is considered panic day for those last-minute panic shoppers, where Google searches for “last minute” hit their peak 5 days before the big day last year, despite the imposed lockdown last year. This data is comparable to previous years also.  

The research conducted by Private and Commercial Bank, Arbuthnot Latham, shows that shoppers and revelers are getting better at planning. In 2020 there were two ‘panic days’ on 23 and 24 December, with both days seeing similar search volumes. The year before, search volumes peaked on Christmas Day itself.  

2021 Shopping Habits 

The top shopping habits for those buying gifts this year has also been revealed with large spikes in searches for the following items 

Item  % Increase in Searches  
Large Candles 419.05% 
Christmas dog toy 233.33% 
Christmas hamper ideas 108.33% 

The Two Types Of Christmas Shoppers 

“When it comes to managing finances, we tend to find people tend to fall into two categories – planners and those who wish they were planners.”  

“However, both feel more confident and in control once they have put their plans in place. So, whether you are looking to review your existing plans, or looking to take the first step, make planning your family’s financial future your priority.” Paul Clifton, Senior Wealth Planner at Arbuthnot Latham 

About Arbuthnot Latham  

Arbuthnot Latham & Co., Limited, whose business was established in 1833, is the London-based private banking, commercial banking and wealth management arm of the Arbuthnot Banking Group PLC, with regional offices in Manchester, Bristol and Exeter. 

Arbuthnot Latham aims to provide a comprehensive approach to private banking, commercial banking and wealth management with its four core services; Private Banking; Commercial Banking; Wealth Planning and Investment Management.  

Private Banking: A complete suite of Private Banking services created around clients’ lifestyles and circumstances include: deposit facilities, credit, debit cards, money transmission worldwide, money market deposits in major currencies and a wide range of treasury and foreign exchange services. All handled by a dedicated Private Banker responsible for the relationship of the client with the bank.  

Commercial Banking: Full Commercial Banking offering to independent owner-managed businesses. The sector teams – Media, Real Estate and Specialist – all have considerable experience in their sectors and deliver a tailored and personal experience to clients from the London, Manchester and Exeter offices. The Commercial Banking team provides a range of bespoke lending facilities, deposit and FX management, a suite of Visa Card products and money transmission services all supported by online banking and commercial banking experts.   

Investment Management: Highly diversified multi-asset portfolios managed predominantly under the Investment Management team’s discretion and designed around clients’ requirements. Free from restriction of affiliated products, Investment Managers strive to deliver risk optimal post-tax returns on clients’ wealth via a wide choice of management styles.  

Wealth Planning: Based on a clear understanding of a client’s situation and immediate requirements as well as their long-terms goals. A Wealth Planner is assigned to work with clients to develop and execute a bespoke wealth plan, including retirement, estate and succession planning as well as insurance and tax planning issues.   

For Business. For Family. For Life. 

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