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  • Independent veterinary services revealed as the industry thriving the most post easing of July 19th restrictions. 
  • Marketing and recruitment businesses continue to struggle since all restrictions were lifted.  

28th September 2021.

Independent veterinary services are revealed as the small businesses that are thriving the most post lockdown according to a new report.  

The highstreets bouncing back report carried out by card payments specialist takepayments Limited analysed card transaction data to reveal the highstreets and business types that are bouncing back and those that are struggling following the easing of lockdown restrictions.  

The data revealed independent veterinary services have seen a 47% increase in card transactions from the week of the final easing of lockdown restrictions (July 19th 2021) compared to the same period pre-pandemic (2019).  

This is likely to be due to the unprecedented 59% increase in pet ownership from 2020 – 20211 due people being at home more during the pandemic. Pet supply businesses have also seen a 19% increase in transactions.  

Technology and telecoms (32%) and Florists (31%) have also seen an increase in card transactions following the final easing of restrictions.  
The sectors bouncing back post 19th July easing of restrictions 

SectorAverage percent difference in transactions  from July 2019 to July 2021  
Veterinary Services +47% 
Technology and telecoms +32% 
Florists  +31% 
Office Equipment +23% 
Pharmaceutical  +19% 
Pet supplies +19% 
Construction and Tradesmen+16% 
Automobile – other (garages etc.)  +11% 

The high street bouncing back report is available to view here

However, many industries are continuing to struggle despite all lockdown restrictions easing.  

The marketing sector is struggling the most with transactions down by 31% compared to the same period in 2019. This could be due to clients cutting their budgets for marketing during the pandemic. 

Sectors such as security, insurance, and museums may also take longer to return to pre-pandemic sales as more people spent time at home during the pandemic these are sectors that have been harder hit, therefore, can be expected to have a slower recovery which explains the decrease in transactions vs 2019.  

The sectors struggling post 19th July easing of restrictions 

SectorAverage percent difference in transactions  from July 2019 to July 2021  
Haulage -26% 
Museum  -22% 

The high street bouncing back report is available to view here. 

Sandra Rowley at takepayments Limited said: “It’s great to see so many industries not only recovering from what has been one of the toughest times for businesses but seeing so many industries booming. The lockdown puppy boom has definitely influenced the sectors with veterinary services seeing the biggest increase in transactions.  

While some sectors continue to struggle it can only be expected that industries that have struggled the most throughout the pandemic, will have a slower recovery rate as the world unlocks further and life returns to normal, spending habits should hopefully return to what they were pre-pandemic.” 

The full findings of takepayments highstreet bouncing back report are available to view here.  

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