REVEALED: The number of E-commerce Businesses have QUADRUPLED in the last 18 months

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Industry Changes 

The number of e-commerce businesses has grown by 312%, followed by Freight Transport businesses increasing by 101%

Industry Businesses from November 2018-March 2020 Businesses from March 2020 – October 2021 % Change 
E-commerce 15,006 61,875 312% 
Freight Transport 14,707 29,504 101% 
Real Estate buying and selling 28,509 45,314 59% 
Lettings 27,415 39,165 43% 
Building Projects 17,186 22,653 32% 
Business Support Services 22,924 28,170 23% 
Management Consultancy  34,532 39,172 13% 

This has undoubtedly had a large impact on the packaging used throughout the UK. As only 80% of cardboard packaging is recycled, this has led to a huge amount of cardboard packaging waste. With many small businesses popping up and trying to compete against market leaders such as Amazon, maybe their sustainability claims will be able to stand them apart.  

The plastic film used in Amazon plastic pillows, mailers, bubble wrap and more is not accepted by most plastic packaging recycling programs. Based on previous reports of their plastic waste, this means Amazon is now producing enough online shopping packaging waste to circle the Earth roughly 667 times — nearly 30 million pounds (13,608 metric tonnes) of unrecycled plastic waste

Regional Changes

When looking at a regional angle, London has the most e-commerce companies with 22,202 registered over the last 18 months. Liverpool has experienced the most growth with a 502% increase over the same period.  

Town Number of Companies (Nov 2018 – March 2020) Number of Companies (March 2020 – Oct 2021) % Change 
Liverpool 104 626 502% 
Birmingham 347 1,731 399% 
London 4,478 22,202 396% 
Glasgow 200 735 234% 
Manchester 539 1,725 220% 

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