Weekly Global Retail News 15th March 2021 By Global Retail TV

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Retail properties of America:

Retail properties of America has announced today the First 2021 quarter Class A dividend on common stock. This first quarter marks a result of 0.07 USD per common share compared to 0,06 USD per common share during the same quarter of last year. Retail Properties of America owns and operates high quality, strategically located open-air shopping centers. the Company owned 102 retail operating properties in the United States representing 20.0 million square feet.


Starbucks integrates Aira solution to enhance the accessibility for blind and low vision customers. Through a smartphone app, San Diego-based Aira Tech Corp connects people who are blind and low-vision to highly trained, remotely-located visual interpreters to provide instant access to visual information. By using Aira, Starbucks customers will get the freedom to select the right product, move freely and overcome their disabilities barriers.


The XR is the abbreviation of Extended Reality. This new concept is changing the traditional shopper journey by leading the in-store virtual experience. The Lancome customers can virtually visit and move around store, try virtually new products, interact with a sales rep and checkout. It’s similar to a physical store visit but all is done virtually from the customers’ convenient locations. Covid-19 has accelerated the XR demand by major retail sectors as the conversion rate for an XR is away higher from the e-commerce shopping experience.

Mark and Spencer:

Marks and Spencer has launched 46 flagship websites in new markets, instantly expanding its online reach to over 100 countries and enabling millions more customers to purchase M&S products. The launch is part of Marks and Spencer focus to turbocharge its online business under its “Never the Same Again” transformation programme, and nearly doubles the number of international markets where it has a pureplay online presence.


Amazon announced today that Jeff Bezos, who founded the company as an online bookstore and built it into a shopping and entertainment Giant, will step down later this year as CEO, after nearly 30 years of service, to become executive chairman. The 57 Years old CEO will be replaced in the summer by Andy Jassy, who runs Amazon’s cloud-computing business today.

Aldi and Mcdonalds:

In Germany, ALDI and McDonalds has agreed to look after the fast food chain employees impacted by the Covid-19 lockdown. This remarkable deal allows Aldi to employ McDonalds staff while their restaurants are closed. This alliance is a simple example of what different sectors can do together to look after their employees and keep their income going during this difficult times.

Crate and Barrel:

US furniture and homewares retailer Crate and Barrel has launched a restaurant in its Chicago store. The concept has been a proven success story for other stores in their bid to drive footfall. Restaurants are a great way to keep customers in-store for longer and ‘The Table at Crate’ has the added perk that most of the items in the restaurant can be bought within the store. The retailer has partnered with local chef Bill Kim to manage the dining area. The space will then be used for other activities outside of restaurant hours such as cooking demonstrations to boost the customers instore products experience.

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