Weekly Global Retail News 19th of April 2021 By Global Retail TV

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The UK retail footfall is bouncing back as non-essential shops were authorized to open from last week. Despite the e-commerce convenience, consumers are still attracted by the human touch and Living the physical shopping experience. High streets retail management are monitory very closely the inventory channels optimization as no one can predict the lockdown relief’s impact on sales volume and values. local authorities are taking retail Safety measures very seriously by monitoring the daily contamination which will continue for weeks to come.    

Ralph Lauren:

American designer Ralph Lauren created the line for Team USA, featuring white jackets with blue collars and hoods. The jackets have an American flag patch on the arm, the United States Olympic logo on the right breast and Ralph Lauren’s logo on the left breast. Ralph Lauren has been responsible for outfitting Team USA’s opening and closing ceremony looks since the 2008 Beijing Olympics over a decade ago.


The first adidas Flagship Store in The Middle East Has Opened In Dubai mall. The store provides an enhanced shopping digital experience, thanks to some very cool tech, instore customizations, the first dedicated outdoor collection for hiking and trail adventures, dedicated kids area and exclusive products… The space stretches almost 16,000 square feet, offers digital signage technologies to include a digital ceiling and digital footwear wall. The Adidas app allows for real-time product scans and a try-it-on feature called ‘Bring it to Me.’  This flagship is the most sustainable adidas store in the region. 


 To assist independent retailers across Canada in their recovery from the business challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BarterPay has partnered with Retail Council of Canada to launch a grant program that will distribute $25,000,000 in value to retailers through Barter Credits™. Through Barter Credits™, retailers can trade their idle inventory for other goods and services and acquire some things they need at their wholesale cost of goods rather than dipping into cash.


Korean clothing brand Acmé de la Vie (ADLV) is launching its first brick and mortar store in Australia this May at QV Melbourne, ahead of a local online store. ADLV co-founders Jinmo and Jaemo Goo launched the streetwear business in 2017, and opened its first store in Korea’s Gangnam district. Since then, the brand has launched more than 50 stores in Asia and collaborated with Disney, Pink Fong, Kakaotalk and The Simpsons.


The leading Australian supermarkets Woolworths is taking the staff security very seriously. Shelf-stackers and checkout workers will wear body cameras in a trial being rolled out at selected Woolworths 11 stores across Australia. Woolworths’ staff will wear body cameras to reduce the incidence of abuse and assault after assaults in its stores doubled in 2020. Australians are more familiar with body cameras being worn by police but they are used in retail across the US and the UK, where Woolworths said they had effectively reduced the rate of assaults and abuse.

Hong Kong:

Impacted by the pandemic, what if you are unable to rent your large retail space? Well, 20.000 SQF landlord in Plaza 2000 Hong Kong one of the world’s most expensive shopping districts, decided to split the space to smaller chunks in order to get them more affordable for smaller tenants. The split consists of 4 units, the smallest of which is 148 sq ft. The retail space 20,000 sq ft is spread over four levels and owners has not been able to find any takers since Prada closed its flagship store in June 2020.

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