Episode 3: Istanbul, the new global shopping destination

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Istanbul: The Global Shopping Destination

The long history, and permanent economic activity in istanbul is due to its location at the cross-roads of two civilisations: the Mediterranean civilisations of Rome and Greece, and the Eastern empires coming from Asia. Up until the year 330 Istanbul was known as Byzantium, and then as Constantinople until 1453. Its current name of Is-tanbul only came into being on the 28th March 1930. Aya Sofya Mosque is one of the most prominent symbols of the Constantinople Conquest by the Ottoman Sultan, Mehmed Fatih, on 29th May 1453, after it remained insurmountable to the Islamic conquests for several centuries.

The Grand Bazaar was constructed in 1455 as a center for local trade of clothing and jewels. Ottoman Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet, commonly known as Mehmed the Conqueror, ordered the construction of two stone buildings where merchants could sell their products and make a profit for the aya Sofia Mosque. Quickly, the two buildings became a center for trade in Istanbul. By the end of the 16th century, the Grand Bazaar grew tremendously in size and demand and into what we see today. The structure has not changed or developed since. Throughout the centuries, the structure has withstood many natural disasters, with fixable damage, thanks to its unique architecture that was ahead of its time. In 2021,

Population for Turkey was 85 million. The country population increased from 36.6 million in 1972 to 85 million in 2021 growing at an average annual rate of 1.74%. Turkey’s economy grew 11 percent in 2021, the fastest among the G20 countries, as COVID-19-related measures were gradually relaxed in Turkey and abroad. The Turkish economy experienced an exchange rate crisis in the second half of 2018 that resulted in weak growth performance in 2019. By early 2020 the economy had started to recover, just as it was hit by the COVID-19 crisis in the second quarter of the year. However, Turkey was among the few countries with a positive growth performance in 2020 The Turkish retail market mainly consists of traditional players, despite steady growth of local and international chain stores and recent acquisitions and mergers. Turkey is mostly known as a hub for fashion manufacture.

The country has more than 70,000 companies in textile, footwear and apparel manufacturing, which yearly produce over 65 billion dollars per of garments and fashion goods. Nearly all Turkish manufacturers are small or medium sized entities. Merter Fashion Center is Turkey’s largest wholesale women’s evening wear shopping center which is situated on 25,000 m² of space, and has 150 stores with over 200 brands that are market leaders and has a space where you can find over 30.000 different models together. Now Merter district provides 40% of turkey textile exports. The district of Laleli is home to around 7,000 businesses and every street and avenue is lined with shops. Laleli Market is one of Istanbul’s famous markets; it has got significant importance due to its location within the historical places of the city, which has been of great importance to everyone, whether residents or tourists. Laleli market is one of the most famous affordable wholesale markets, including many shops and various stores. it contains many companies that export ready-made products abroad. In general, Laleli Market offers multiple products, including ready-made clothing, textiles, children’s clothing, wedding clothes, women’s clothing, bags, shoes, and leather clothing. Turkey is the 18th largest market for eCommerce with a revenue of US$16 billion in 2021, placing it ahead of Sweden and behind Netherlands. With an increase of 38%, the Turkish eCommerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 29% in 2021. Revenues for eCommerce continue to increase. With more than 350 stores and thousands of luxury brands locally and internationally, Mall of Istanbul combines shopping, culture, and art alongside entertainment in one place, adding value to the concept of shopping at the Turkish national level, especially the European one. Turkey’s fashion and textile industry is one of the leading drives of the Turkish economy. With positive macroeconomic statistics, Turkey continues to attract a significant level of foreign investors to its attractive retail sector. Despite a weakening of the lira compared to major currencies in the last couple of years, robust consumer confidence promoted the overall activity in the sector. Built on the concept of Venice in Italy, Venezia Mall in Istanbul is a stunning piece of architecture in which will give you a feel of being in Venice with its enchanting ambience and architecture. With so many options for dining and entertainment, Venezia Mall is a great hangout place for both friends and family.

Documentary Director and Producer


Documentary production                                                           

Global Retail TV LTD.

Production Execution in Turkey                                                           

Osprey Media Group.                                                         

Project Lead                           James SMITH

Design and Scripting Lead   Tracy JONES

Design and Scripting             Liam KELLY

                                                  Nathan Walsh

Director of photography     Steve Solkan

Technical Art Director          Chris ALLEN

Animation Lead                     Mark PIERCE

 Animation Engineer             Joseph AYYAD          

Audio Lead                              Sarah Mc CARTHY

Voice Recording Facilities provided by Osprey Media Group

Editing and FX Facilities provided by Osprey Media Group

Colorist   Steve Solkan

Sound Mixing Lead  Fadi Hosn

Camera operator 1 Ayaz Kaplan

Camera operator 2 Emir Aksoy

Assistant Cameramen Miraç Kucuk

Video contributions

Polina Kovaleva

Roman Odinstov

Mikhail Nilov

A special thank you to

 By alphabetic order                                                                       

212 Outlet Mall

Axis Mall

Emaar Square Mall

Forum Mall Istanbul

Hilton Mall of Istanbul

Istanbul Fashion Center

Istinye Park

Laleli District

Mall of Istanbul


Merter District

Merter Mall

Queen’s Chips

The address Hotel Istanbul

Turkish Airlines

Vadistanbul Mall

Venezia Mega Outlet Mall

Yazun Consulting

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