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Sales and Retail Competencies are now part of the standard toolkit for all retail functions and professionals, but many organizations could be deriving far more benefit from them. If you don’t yet have a competency-based framework up and running in your retail organization or if you want to extend its use – or if you simply want to benchmark your framework against current retail and Sales best practice – this program is for you.

It will help you:

• Promote the concept throughout your sales and retail organization.
• Design the most appropriate framework for your sales and retail organization.
• Define competency evidence.
• Implement the framework.
• Integrate it with other HR processes.
• Assess competence.
• Apply the results to TNA (Training Needs Analysis).
• Use competency evidence for organizational review and audit.

What are you applying in your organization? we will be glad to hear your best practice 🙂

Author: Jalal JIHAZI
(Global Retail TV Director)

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