what does it take to run an efficient retail structure?

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Your retail organizational structure may vary from that of a larger retail store, but even if you have a smaller number of employees, each one needs to be familiar with their individual roles and responsibilities to prevent confusion and ensure successful operations.

But before looking into the structure, the most important element in your retail strategy will be to put the customer in the center of your thinking pot. The format of your retail, the offering, the location, the pricing and the human approach are all elements that will depend mainly on your target customer and should be adapted to meet their cultural and social status. Running a structure that sales fast moving consumer goods will be completely different from selling high value products or services. By taking into consideration the previous elements, the retail business plan should include the 3 key factors of success: The human capital, the products, the format. Building standard operational Procedures (SOPs) based on the above is highly recommended to drive efficiency and consistency all across your retail channels.

Like every other business structure, your retail organization must include a retail structure that will drive the sales, an HR structure that will be engaged from hiring the right profiles, developing them and retaining them within the organization. The retail marketing team will work hand in hand with your front end team to maximize your sales through attracting new customers to your store and ensuring high loyalty to your brand. The visibility of your products and how it merchandised will fall under the retail marketing team.

No matter how big or small your retail organization is, you should always put the right bases that will allow you to grow your business, diversify your products and services, open new territories and hire more staff to support your growth.

Author: Jalal JIHAZI
(Global Retail TV Director)

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